I'm sick. I hate admitting that, but after 4 days where every muscle in my body aches, and every cough makes people around me say "Dude, are you OK?", I can't really avoid the facts any longer. I'm sick.

Of course, where am I? I'm at work. Mainly because I can't find my boss, to ask him to give me a lap top and let me go work from home, for the love of god. So I sit and toil away and cough.

Saw an interesting article on music in Japan, by Derek Silvers of CD Baby. I've always liked Derek's writing, despite the fact that his blog often resembles rough notes scrawled in Notepad more than it does a finished piece of writing.

I did see HGGTTG with Uberjam the other night. My review? Great! It's been long enough since my last read of the book that I wasn't annoyed by the inaccuracies, and I'm a big Martin Freeman fan. So, all's well.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'll get back to my coughing.


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