Catching up, or not

I have been so behind lately. I try to get caught up, but all these interesting things keep coming to my attention. But I have so much to do.

What? You want to know more? OK, if you insist.

Work - it's been a busy time, and small stuff keeps coming in the way of big projects - minor requests, etc. I just automated a database mail merge to contacts at subsidiaries about rate changes to their employee 401Ks. Thrilling, no? And regardless, I gotta hang here 40 hours a week, which kinda cramps my style.

Practice - I have been totally neglecting doing any sort of instrumental practice. Not for lack of love; I enjoy it so much. But not having a piano at home, it requires going elsewhere, and sometimes, that just don't happen.

Email - Inbox at 250 and growing. Ugh.

Reading - My RSS feeds are stacking up, and I haven't read them in days.

Housework - Haha, what's that?

Plus I've got to get my car inspected, go to the gym, register for piano lessons in the fall, organize the weekly music mixers, help figure out the band finances, archive recordings of shows, communicate with fans, etc. And I've been in email conversations with a few folks about political stuff - conversations that generally take a lot of time and thought for me.

Maybe I should start doing yoga or something.


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