Part Of The Solution

Hey, it's time for my annual blog post!

It's been a big long crazy year around here, with many thousands of hours spent doing many dozens of nice things. I'll write more about the rest soon, perhaps even before another year has passed. But today, I wanted to mention that as of this fall, we're now a solar-powered household! Behold:

We were able to do this because of an incredibly cool program called Pecan Street Project, which funded and inspired the Mueller Megawatt Project. It's a pretty amazing to see all the houses with solar power (over 200 at this point) just in our little neighborhood.

And we're producing! Check it out:
Even in late december, without many hours of daylight, on a sunny day we still have a pretty good surplus (5 kWh yesterday). Really looking forward to seeing how much we produce in the spring with more light outside, and fewer lights on inside.

I want to give a shout out to our solar installers, Lighthouse Solar. They were great to work with, and the monitoring tools they provide are really amazing--I can see, over the internet, my real time energy production and usage. It's so real-time, in fact, that I can flick a light on or off and immediately see the result. Which has the nice side effect of keeping us a lot more conscientious about our energy usage (man, lights use a lot of electricity!).

Next up: using our surplus for ... an electric car?


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