Here's a quick note from my friend Candice, regarding McCain's VP pick:

"If you all have been watching, McCain just picked Sarah Palin, govenor of Alaska, as his VP, one heartbeat from the presidency. During her acceptance speech, she ran off her short and thin resume:

1. Soccer Mom of Five
2. Head of the PTA
3. Member of the city council
4. Mayor of Wasilia

Ok. Let me pause there for a moment. I just got back from Alaska, living about an hour away from Wasilia, so I can paint you a picture of this place. Population is about 8000 people. There is one hospital. One movie theater. One radio station. And a Wal-mart. It's a decent town and god were we happy to get out of the woods and see anything remotely resembling a city, but it's hardly a microcosm for America. Let me pull back the lens a bit and look at Alaska as a whole, or the part I saw of it, which was definitely more rural than some places can be. There are more trees than people in Alaska. There is no law in this place. My purse was stolen and it took 2 hours before I got a phone call from the Talkeetna trooper, who then did nothing. I got sick there once and the ALL volunteer EMTs came to help me 3 hours after the call. Bear and moose attacks are a daily concern.

The closest towns to Wasilia, where Sarah Palin was mayor, are Anchorage and Talkeetna. FYI--Talkeetna's mayor is a cat!! His name is Stubb's. I petted him once.

5. Gov. of Alaska (for a mere 18 months--Stubb's the Cat has held his post longer!!)

This decision shows the worst decision making I have ever seen! A 72 year old man who has had 4 bouts with skin cancer is saying that Sarah Palin is ready to be president on day one???

Put a bow on that woman. Christmas just came early for the Democrats!"

Indeed. I know that McCain is probably trying to court the Hillary Clinton supporters who have vowed never to vote for Obama, and I'm sure he'll get some of them. But I wonder if he'll simultaneously turn off an equal (or bigger) chunk of good old boys who'll stay home before they vote for a woman VP. Who knows.

OK, back to putting my head in the sand ... ;)


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