Across The Pond

So, Uberjam and I recently returned from a quick vacation overseas, to visit our good friends Mo & James in London. It was a fantastic time. Here are a few highlights:

Drinking shandies on the pebble beach in Brighton:

Brighton Beach

Seeing "Midsummer Night's Dream" at the Globe theater:

Crowd @ The Globe

Traipsing around Paris:

Jam on the Seine

Having a few pints at London's coolest ancient-underground-labyrnth-cum-trendy-new-bar, Shunt:

Bar @ Shunt

Riding in the London critical mass (here's our route, as well as a photoset by a Londoner with several shots of us in it):

Critical Mass

Plus many other adventures with some of the most excellent folks on earth. Lots (loads) more photos here on Flickr. (JAM's got some too on her Flickr page.)

Good times! Can't wait to travel again, it is good for the soul. (If, perhaps, a little rough on the wallet, with the exchange rate being rubbish at the moment).


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