I, for one, welcome our new Google overlords

So: my semester is done. I think it came out well, though we'll wait for the grades to say for sure. Since the end of the semester, I have:
  • Gotten all 120 stars in Super Mario Galaxy (plus another 10 as Luigi)
  • Recorded a full length album with Black Joe Lewis
  • Taken pictures of our new house, which is now framed
  • Caught up on all my emails and feeds, and all the other work I'd been shirking during crunch time
  • Made a couple other changes (???)
Now, the wife and I are preparing for a vacation in sunny old London, starting late next week. Lo and behold, Google Maps has taken it up another couple notches since last I looked, and is now totally usable as a one-stop vacation planner:
  • You can create your own maps with placemarks, shapes & notes, and collaborate on them with other people
  • You can turn on a Wikipedia layer that shows geo-located wikipedia links for anything on the map area
  • Not to mention all the other layers that you can turn on now in Google Maps, for restaurants, coffee shops, etc.
Here's the neighborhood we're starting in. Any suggestions?


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