Sorry for the lack of meaningful posts lately; time has gotten the best of me. Some random items:

I had fun on my tour with Black Joe Lewis & Spoon. Here are some pics.

The Man

About to head back out on the road with DT. If you're in DC, NYC, Upstate NY, Pittsburgh, Cleveland, Chicago or Madison, come see us!


I've had two months of classes towards my Software Engineering masters at UT now, and I can say with certainty that math is hard. But I like reading God Plays Dice, even if I only grok about 5% of it.

I installed Ubuntu on my laptop and I'm working on getting up to full speed. Longer post on that soon. Er, soon-ish. In the mean time, I'm on the lookout for a competent web-based GTD system that supports hierarchical project layouts, so I can dump windoze-only MLO.

I got a Treo. It is poop. I want an iPhone.

Here's a fantastic article about rebooting Philosophy by Paul Graham.

Here's a cool idea about doing Personal Unit Tests.

Both of the preceding links came to me via Anarchaia, which, if you get XKCD, and enjoy being subjected to bleeding edge technical stuff you've never heard of, you will dig.

That is all for now. Thanks for your time.


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