Take To The Sky

I've lately been re-watching episodes of my all-time favorite documentary: Cosmos. (Thanks for the extended DVD loan, JPM.) It's as good now as I remember it being back then; better, perhaps, because as an adult, I have more perspective on how nuanced and bittersweet Carl Sagan's exposition and analysis really way. What a brave, visionary man.

As such, it really made my morning today when I read about Google Sky on Boing Boing. Naturally, I downloaded the new version and booted it right up, and ... well, the feeling is indescribable. I could almost hear the Vangelis soundtrack to Cosmos* playing in my head as I zoomed deeper and deeper into space on my laptop. These are magical times we live in.

Off to watch some Cosmos.

* - which I have on vinyl, btw. how cool is that? thanks mom.

(Photo by Flickr user Computer Science Geek. Three cheers for Creative Commons.)


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