Today is the 150th day of the year. In honor of that, here's a random assortment of stuff.

LOLCode - A programming language based on LOLCats. O HAI, IM IN UR SYNTAX!! KTHXBYE.

While I'm at it, have I mentioned how much I love XKCD? It's the best comic, um, ever. Even better than Marmaduke Explained.

Microsoft Surface - Did MS beat Apple to the punch on commercial multi-touch? All the cool kids are doing it, I guess.

I think I got my first Wikipedia mention, via the Vineyard Sound. Nifty.

Also, I went on tour. Did you see the photos?

What do you think of this for a 2 week tour route out east in the fall?

OK, promise to think about blogging more often. Until then, there's always Twitter ...


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