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I read recently that it's good to post a "bio" to your blog every so often, so new readers can get their bearings. Thus:

Howdy. My name is Ian Varley. Thanks for reading my blog. I'm a musician and computer programmer living in Austin, TX. I'm originally from upstate New York (map), where I went to Skidmore College. My wife of 7 years (aka "Uberjam") is a writer, originally from Beaumont, TX. We have no kids, save a dog named Emmet (which is close enough for us).

I'm into tons of stuff, including playing music (my band, Drop Trio, is about to go on a West Coast Tour), programming (it's what I do for a living, and one of my great intellectual loves), futurism (I'm a fan of Ray Kurzweil's books, though not without reservations), GTD (aka "Getting Things Done", a personal productivity system that doesn't suck), and cognitive science (dying to read the new Hofstadter book "I Am A Strange Loop").

You can find more on me around the web:

  • My photos on Flickr. Got a prosumer camera last summer and have finally been able to take decent pictures of my life.
  • Me on myspace. No, I am not a 14 year old girl. Yes, I have a myspace page. Deal with it. There are lots of people I deal with where that's the only way to reach 'em.
  • Me on twitter. This is a new one, and I may not stick with it, but it's been fun so far. What am I doing right now?
  • A google search on me turns up lots of dirt. Well, not "dirt", exactly, but mildly amusing information. The first 4 pages are all actually me (up to the part about how I'm a Wing Chun martial arts master ... that's not me. Or is it?)

I've got a new non-personal blog in the works, but that won't come around until at least the summer, so for now, if you'd like to keep up with what I'm doing, here's my RSS feed.

Photo by Jeff Balke.


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