Mac-ify Yourself

As you may know, the fact of having to choose one operating system and stick with it full-time is slowly (but surely) fading into the past. Now that Macs run Intel chips, the good folks at Parallels have been doing some amazing work with running Windows on Mac hardware, at the same time as Mac OS. That's great for someone like me, who prefers the elegance of Mac OS, but has to use Windows for "work" reasons.

Since my next major computer purchase is still a ways off, I can't take advantage of this cool development just yet. However, 2 downloads highlighted on Lifehacker today put me a little bit closer to the holy grail of integration (at least, visually) right now. First, the theme for Thunderbird makes it look just like, the beautiful Mac OS mail application. Second, Rocket Dock is a free windows version of the awesome Mac OS dock.


I just hid the windows taskbar off to the right, cleared off my desktop icons, and voila. Now I just need a top-sitting menu bar that looks like Mac OS, and I'll be even closer. :)

What a beautiful world ...


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