Wii Statesman

So I haven't bought a Wii yet. But I did get interviewed for a story in the Austin-American Statesman about wanting a Wii. Does that count?

Varley, 31, even bought a Wiimote at a Toys 'R Us store for a system he doesn't yet own.


That's Mii

Update: apparently the version I linked to above wasn't the final version of the story, and was accidentally linked on their Austin360 site. Here's the real version.

In other news, Uberjam and I spent the weekend in Beaumont with her folks, and had a great time. We brought Emmet the Dragon:

A Lotta Love

And met our new dog-in-law, Ranger:

Hello, Ranger

Good times were had by all. (Except for the squirrels the Emmet treed ... but I guess they have to fend for themselves.)


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