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So, the other morning, Uberjam and I were peacefully making our way to our 7am Tai Chi class, (don't laugh, Tai Chi is a lot of fun), when we noticed a FOX NEWS 7 van in the parking lot. Probably doing a story on the bagel place next door, right? Sure.

We arrive in the classroom to discover our teacher, wired up with a lavalier mic, in front of a FOX NEWS 7 camera. He motioned to us to begin the form with him, and as we did, the cameraman gave the 5-4-3... and we were plunged into our debut Austin TV appearance. No fair! I had been awake for, what, maybe 10 minutes tops? At least it wasn't for getting arrested, jam offered.

So, tomorrow morning, as it turns out, will be my SECOND Fox Morning News appearance. This time, though, it's for something a little nicer (hopefully). I'll be playing keys with a blues guitar player named Sam, a relocated New Orleans musician. The upside is that I'll be playing music on TV. The downsides are as follows: a) I don't know any of the songs. Most are standard blues, which is no problem, and he's got charts for the others, so I think it'll be, um, fine. b) I don't know who else is playing, nor have we all rehearsed. The one rehearsal I went to, the bass player, drummer and clarinet player all flaked. c) I have to be there before 6am.

Of all these potential problems, the only one that's actually got me concerned is c. All night coffee place, here I come.


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