Happy Bastille Day

OK, I know. I move to Austin and stop posting on my blog? Terrible. But the truth is, I really have been too busy. I'm behind many things, some of which are far more urgent than blogging. Like swimming, cooking, and relaxing. No, no ... like phone calls and emails and work. And swimming.

So life in Austin isn't wildly different from Houston. Well, OK, that's a lie. It's very different. I set my own schedule, which means I work late into the night some times and not at all other times. That alone makes a big difference.

I have also been cooking lately. Believe it? It's true. Last night we had a friend over for dinner, and I made a tomato & corn fritatta, with chilled avocado lime soup, salad, and chocolate cake (well, OK, Uberjam made the cake). Yum. The other day I made whole wheat pasta with salsa cruda (fresh tomatoes are sooo good in the summer) and a cucumber soup. And a warm white bean salad with sundried tomatoes and arugula.

Things are going great on the music front. I'm making some cool connections out here, always working every angle so I can make my avant-garde instrumental spaceship jazz band the world's most famous avant-garde instrumental spaceship jazz band.

OK, that's it for now. More regular check-ins starting ... now!


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