Good lordy does that boy use a lot of mustard ...

So the new diet is going well. Did I mention I'm on a new diet? It's a modified version of the New York Body Plan. Modified in that, well, a) Uberjam and I don't eat meat, so we've substituted a lot of "fake" meat; and b) I haven't bothered with that whole "exercise" part.

Many shudder at the mere thought of fake meat. But honestly, there's nothing quite as nice as eating a big ol' slab of bologna and knowing you're not chomping down on something really gross. I mean, soy is gross, but not in that way. And for some foods, they've actually gotten pretty close on taste & texture. Hot dogs, cold cuts, turkey, bacon and sausage all have yummy meatless substitutes. Yummy, that is, from the point of view of someone who hasn't actually eaten any of those things in several years.

What does the diet prohibit? Um ... everything else. We've been eating veggies & lean protein pretty much exclusively for 2 weeks. The jury's still out on results, but I'm enjoying it OK so far. 'Course, a slab of pizza would be pretty nice right about now.


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