So, I read a very convincing article about the recent purported Bush memos, showing how he was shirking his duty. They said that if you type the exact same thing in Microsoft word and overlay the images, they line up exactly. That would seem to be pretty damning proof, because the chances of that happening, even if a typewriter was capable of producing the same sorts of kerning, line spacing, etc, it would be SO unlikely that you'd get it on the nose like that.

So whoever did this: SHAME ON YOU. You've only hurt the democratic party.

Which got me thinking ... here's a totally off the wall, conspiracy theory idea. What if BUSH supporters created the memos, got them aired, and then turned around and showed they were fakes? That would dominate several critical pre-election news cycles with anti-Kerry feelings. Pretty tricky. Beyond them? Definitely not. Would they have thought of it? Not sure.

The mistake made here is that criticism needs to rest squarely on Bush. The burden of proof is on HIM to show he was there, not on the rest of the world to show he wasn't. In that light, I think this is a much more productive way to approach it.


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