Last night, Uberjam and I went to a really cool show over at Super Happy Fun Land (yes, that's really a venue in Houston). It was a low-fi/electronica/pop show. The two highlights were the Buddy System and the headliner, Casio Tone For The Painfully Alone. The Buddy System was one guy (ironic, no?) and was composed of really nifty, glitchy, shimmering, shifting soundscapes that he seemed to be controlling / morphing via the computer. Maybe he was just playing a CD and looking busy, who knows. We picked up a CD and it is indeed pretty cool. CTFTPA is a longtime favorite of mine - a dude who makes sad, introspective little songs using nothing but old vintage casio-type keyboards (complete with weird little casio beats and everything). The concept could get old, but the songs really don't. His live show was more loud/effects-driven than I expected, but it was really good.

And now I'm listening to internet radio (the only bastion of online music I've got since the control freaks at my office shut down our access to all mp3s) and some live Herbie Hancock is on. Almost makes me happy to be here. Almost.


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