First entry, new blog, new approach. Seeking roots.

I have spent so much of my life pulling up roots. That's not a bad thing, it's part of growing up. For so much of my life, my roots have tapped good things, and just because I pull myself up and away doesn't mean I must wrench them out of the ground and let them die.

Exempli gratia. Yesterday I found a journal that I had kept daily, two years ago. Reading it gave me a direct sense of how my life has changed in these past two years (drastically), and what was good versus what was not good, then and now. Perspective, I guess, is what it lent to me. But more importantly, it reminded me that what happened back then shouldn't just be cast aside or forgotten. Maybe I will never learn from my past, but I should at least have the prerogative to enjoy my mistakes from a distance.

Yesterday was memorial day, and today is my grandmother's birthday. "The birthday of light, and of love, and wings", as e.e. cummings put it. Good things that pass away should be remembered, and that doesn't happen by accident.


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